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Types of Eyeglass Lenses

Progressive lenses: Sometimes known as a no-line bifocal or multi-focal lens. Progressive lenses provide a seamless progression in power for all distances of vision. They correct for far, near and intermediate distances in one pair of glasses. The general design of a progressive lens consists of a viewing corridor, every thing outside of the corridor is an an area of distortion. Newer technology and more sophisticated designs translate to wider fields of view making it more comfortable all around for the wearer.
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Computer Progressive lenses: An occupational progressive lens. Provide a smooth progression in power for intermediate and near vision. Offer a larger intermediate zone than regular progressive lenses. Available in different intermediate working distance to accommodate different working environments. Not recommended for driving.
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Single Vision lenses: Provide one field of vision, with a uniform power correction throughout the lens. For presbyopia patients, can be made to reading only, intermediate only or far only use.
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Bifocal lenses: Also known as lined bifocals. Provide correction for two fields of vision. Two powers separated but a visible line/segment. Available in a variety of segment shapes and widths.
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Trifocal Lenses: Provide correction for three fields of vision, far, intermediate and near. Three powers separated by visible lines/segments. Available in a variety of segment widths.
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