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Polycarbonate Progressive Lenses

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Polycarbonate Progressive lenses are available in 3 different types: Clear Plastic, Transitions and Polarized sunglasses.
Recommended prescription range for Polycarbonate Lenses:
Sphere below + or - 3.00
Cylinder below + or - 2.00

Select the lens that best describes the type you require.

Clear Polycarbonate Progressives Transitions Polycarbonate Progressives Polarized Polycarbonate Progressives
Clear Polycarbonate Progressive Lenses are ultra light weight and extra impact resistant.
Transitions Polycarbonate Progressive Lenses are light weight variable tint lenses that darken on exposure to bright sunlight.
Polarized Polycarbonate Progressive Sunglass Lenses are the ultimate in protection, comfort and performance in the sun.
Polycarbonate Progressive Lenses