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Select Your Trifocal Flat Top 28 Lens Material
Plastic 7x28 Trifocals Polycarbonate 7x28 Trifocals Mid-Index 7x28 Trifocals
CR-39 Trifocal Lenses are light weight, impact resistant and can be easily tinted.
Polycarbonate Trifocal Lenses are ultra light weight and xtra impact resistant.
Mid-Index Trifocal Lenses are thinner and lighter than other eyeglass lens materials.
Trivex 7x28 Tifocals Transitions 7x28 Tifocals Polarized 7x28 Trifocals
Trivex Lenses have superior optics, xtra impact resistant and ultra light weight.
Transitions Tifocal Lenses the ideal choice for your everyday lenses are clear indoors and go to sunglass dark outdoors.
Polarized Trifocal Lenses are the ultimate in protection, comfort and performance in the sun.