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Eyeglass Lens Material

Please note: the recommendations below are meant to provide the wearer with the best results for the prescription range. Most materials however can accommodate prescriptions beyond our recommendations.

Hard Resin (CR-39) or Regular Plastic Lenses: Most popular lens material option, lighter in weight than glass, providing a more comfortable lenses. Recommended prescription range for CR-39 Plastic Lenses:

Sphere power below: + 1.00 or - 2.00
Cylinder power below + 1.00 or - 1.00

Polycarbonate: Lightweight, impact and scratch-resistant material. Provides a thin lens for superior comfort with 100% UV protection. Thinner than regular plastic lenses. Great for active people and kids. Recommended prescription range for Polycarbonate Lenses:

Sphere power below: + 3.00 or - 3.00
Cylinder power below: +2.00 or - 2.00

High Index: For people with a higher prescription, High Index produces a thinner, lighter, more attractive lens with superior optics. Recommended prescription range for High Index Lenses:

High Index 1.67
Sphere power below +4.00 or -6.00
Cylinder power below +3.00 or -3.00
High Index 1.74
Sphere power above +5.00 or -7.00
Cylinder power +6.00 to -6.00

Offers a triple combination of features never before found in a single material. Superior Optics, Impact Resistance and Ultra light Weight. Great for drill mount frames. Recommended prescription range for Trivex Lenses:

Sphere power below +2.00 or - 3.00
Cylinder power below +2.00 or - 2.00