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How To Clean Eyeglasses

Never wipe your lenses when they are dry. Always use one of the cleaning methods described below otherwise your lenses WILL scratch.

Although any lens material will scratch over time depending on what they're exposed to and what accidents may occur here are some cleaning tips that will help in keeping your lenses scratch free as long as possible.

Dust and dirt particles WILL accumulate on your glasses over time. Facial oils and the environment around you apply a sticky layer of substance to the glasses that quickly attracts dust and dirt particles. These particles get transferred to the lenses when wiping them regardless of how soft or clean the cloth is. The particles get trapped in various places on your glasses which include the groove between the frame and lens, around the nose pad area and generally any area that isn't reached during normal cleaning with a lens cleaning spray and cloth.

Here are three effective cleaning procedures that should all be used to extend the length of time your lenses stay scratch free.

Spray Cleaning
Purchase an eyeglass spray cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloth from any local store that sells eyeglass cleaning products. This cleaning method is recommended to remove minor smudges and fingerprints and helps prevent facial oils and substances in the environment from accumulating on your lenses. Spray the lenses on both sides with the cleaning solution, with clean hands carefully wipe in a circular motion the solution into the lenses then dry with the microfiber cleaning cloth.

Hand Washing
Do a thorough hand cleaning as often as you like which involves the following procedure. Rinse without wiping the glasses in warm water to assist in removing loose particles on the frames and lenses (leave the glasses wet). Apply a few drops of mild dish washing liquid to your wet hands and generate lather, gently wipe your lathered fingertips on the frames and lenses to remove facial oils and loose dust particles. Rinse the soap off thoroughly in clean running water and dry using a soft clean dry 100% cotton cloth. This procedure applies to glasses that are new or glasses that have already been thoroughly cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. This may not be the most effective procedure on glasses that are very dirty and require an ultrasonic cleaning method.

Weekly Cleaning
Put a few drops of dish washing liquid in a drinking glass about six inches tall and fill the glass with warm water. Place your glasses in the glass filled with soapy water and let them set for about 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the glasses from the glass and rinse with cool water. Carefully dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
While having lenses replaced in your existing frames select to have them checked and cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. This cleaning method will deep clean your frames and remove most dirt particles and can also reveal any problems that may occur during lens replacement.

Never wipe your lenses dry. Always use one of the cleaning methods described above otherwise your lenses WILL scratch.