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Single Vision Lenses

Single Vision Lenses are prescribed if you need correction for one field of vision, either for distance, intermediate (computer), or items up close (near vision). Eyeglass Lens Direct offers a number of options for the single vision lens wearer. To find out more about our selection of corrective eyeglass lenses for your single vision prescription, search for lenses according to brand name or type. Browse through our categories for Brand Name Lenses, Plastic Lenses, Polycarbonate Lenses, High-Index Lenses, Trivex Lenses, and our category for Photochromic Single Vision Lenses, which include Transitions Lenses, Polarized Lenses, and other options for single vision glasses and sunglasses.

At Eyeglass Lens Direct, we give you corrective eyeglass lenses at attractively low prices. Choose the type that fits well with your daily lifestyle.

For sports and outdoor enthusiasts, choose durable and impact-resistant lenses to preserve the quality and to prolong the life of your eyeglasses. Such lenses include polycarbonate, Trivex, and plastic single vision lenses. These types of lenses also provide superior vision.

High-index, polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are known for their lightweight material. Worry no more about glasses that slide off or leave marks on your nose with these ultra lightweight corrective eyeglass lenses.

For more advanced types, try any one of our photochromic lenses, which include the Transitions lenses and polarized lenses. These types of lenses moderate the amount of light that enters your eyes, reducing eye strain while also promoting clearer vision.

We offer you well-known and trusted brands for your lenses. For quality eyewear, we bring you Essilor Single Vision Lenses. Browse through our category for branded eyewear and see what else we have in store for you. Find corrective eyeglass lenses by Drivewear, Seiko, Pentax, and Gentex.

Each brand that we offer provides you with a unique combination of features. Explore each brand line and find lenses that satisfy your needs in terms of visual clarity and comfort. Essilor Single Vision Lenses, for instance, can come in plastic for lightweight comfort, or high-index for superior optical quality. Essilor High-Index is also designed with Transitions for the perfect balance of lightweight comfort, durability, and optical clarity.

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Select a Single Vision lens material or Brand Name.
Brand Name Single Vision Plastic Single Vision Polycarbonate Single Vision
Select from your favorite name brand Single Vision Lenses.
Plastic Single Vision Lenses are light weight, impact resistant and can be easily tinted.
Polycarbonate Single Vision Lenses are ultra light weight and xtra impact resistant.
Mid-lndex Single Vision High Index Single Vision Trivex Single Vision
Mid-Index Single Vision Lenses are thinner and lighter than other eyeglass lens materials.
High Index Single Vision Lenses are much thinner and lighter than other eyeglass lens materials.
Trivex Single Vision Lenses have superior optics, xtra impact resistant and ultra light weight.
Photochromic Single Vision Polarized Single Vision
Photochromic Single Vision Lenses the ideal choice for your everyday lenses are clear indoors and go to sunglass dark outdoors.
Polarized Single Vision Lenses are the ultimate in protection, comfort and performance in the sun.

Single Vision Lenses