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High Index Progressive Lenses

High index progressive lenses are corrective lenses that bend light more efficiently so that they don't have to be as thick as conventional plastic lenses. Just like other types of progressive lenses, they need to have a tall lens shape to make room for all bands of lens focus. At Eyeglass Lens Direct, our high index lenses for eyeglasses are not too narrow so that the wearer can comfortably wear them without feeling like hes looking at the world through a small rectangular slot.

The high index progressive lenses that we offer at Eyeglass Lens Direct are all topnotch and are made by well-known lens manufacturers like Essilor and Kodak. We also have a collection of high index lenses for eyeglasses that are made of polycarbonate, a thin and durable material that is virtually indestructible. This is the perfect choice for parents who are looking for a pair of eyeglasses for their children. Adults who do a lot of running and other physical activities can benefit from ultra lightweight polycarbonate lenses because they are less heavy and are not as bothersome as conventional lenses.

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1.67 High Index Progressive Lenses
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High Index Progressive Lenses