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Customer Comments

Jim B of Santa Fe, NM
Hola Steve, My new glasses arrived today and they are, in a word, perfect.

I have excellent vision and so am sensitive to even the slightest vision error. In the past, I have had to have glasses remade two or three times in order for them to come out right. This had nothing to do with adjusting to the prescription, they just hadn't been made exactly right.

In more than twenty years of having new glasses made yours are the first pair with which I am completely satisfied as delivered! I put them on and my vision was instantaneously much better, even though the change from my previous prescription was minor.

The lenses and anti-reflective coating I chose are state-of-the-art and you did a state-of-the-art job making the glasses. I will not hesitate to recommend your business to everyone I know who wears glasses (and at my age that's everyone).

Warm regards,

Danny L of Edmonton Canada
Customer service was outstanding. I bought wayfarer style sunglasses from my local optician who said they could not put prescription lenses in them. Sent them in to Eyeglass lens direct and Steve said yes they could put prescription lenses in them and put in hi index prescription lenses with tint as per my request. Got them but the tint was too light. Sent them back to Steve who had them tinted darker and shipped to me again without charge. Now I have prescription glasses that look like cool sunglasses at half off of retail! Thanks again Steve for the outstanding service and taking the time to answer all my questions.

Chadwick P of Austin, TX
Thanks for working with me on the telephone. The personal touch in life is long since gone. I feel more confident in my purchase. Thanks

Bill M. of Wallingford, CT
I received my frames/lenses today.......Thank you very much! Nice job! Trying progressives, and they seem to be 'just right'....... I'll be sure to use Eyeglass Lens Direct again...... -Bill

Keith C. of Denver, CO
I have received my glasses and could not be happier.... they are terrific.... the best lenses I ever have purchased by far thank you and I will recommend you to all. Thanks again and you are better than advertised!

Jorge N. of Goffstown, NH
Good Morning Steve,

I have been wearing prescription eyeglasses for more than 35 years and my optometrist made most of them until this year when sadly he passed away. I went to different eyeglass stores to find that comfy place to talk to someone, share a cup of coffee together and get my eyeglasses done in the correct way but only found very uncomfortable places, cold people (just business oriented) with poor customer service and extremely high prices.

Today's blooming experience in shopping through the Internet has its ups and downs. Honestly, that was my last option to buy my eyeglasses, because for me they are worn for medical not just for cosmetic reasons. By surfing the net, I found Eyeglass Lens Direct.

I made a telephone call and spoke to you. I was skeptic at the beginning, but every time I called, you were always there to assist me. I decided to send a frame and I sincerely can say now, that it has been one of the most beautiful framed eyeglasses I have ever had.

Eyeglass Lens Direct provides excellent customer service, superb quality of products and the price is awesome!

Thank you Steve!

Rosalyn P. of Minneapolis, MN
Thanks so much, glasses received and look wonderful. I'll be certain to refer your website and services to friends and colleagues. The prices are great, and the turnaround time is very quick. Best, Rosalyn

Nancy B. of Charlottesville, VA
I love the glasses I received over the weekend!! Nancy

Donald N. of Siletz, OR
They arrived today in great shape and look great, too! Thank you for the great service and product. Look forward to more business in the future. Don

Frances M. of Newark, NJ
Order received. Thanks a bunch. You have satisfied customer.

Peter T. of Asheville, NC
I just bought lenses from you folks. I am totally satisfied and will tell my friends.

James S. of Ontario Canada
The lenses are Perfect! Thanks eh! Regards, James

Barry C. of Sylacauga, AL
Got my glasses Thursday and they are absolutely perfect! As soon as I decide what lenses I want in them I will send you my old ones for replacement. Thank You, Barry

Gary M. of Trenton, TN
I've been waring my new glasses about a week now. They are about as perfect as glasses can get. You really did a good job. Thanks! Well worth the cost! Regards, Gary

Andy D. of Arlington, MA
Got them. They're perfect! Just what I wanted. Thanks, Andy

Don C. of Northridge, CA
I got the glasses and they are great!! Thanks, Don

Jennifer F. of Berwyn, IL
I received my frames back with the new lenses on Saturday. I am so happy with the results! Thank you very much for the quick shipping and the great value! I will recommend your company to my friends and family. Jennifer

Paul S. of Waikoloa, HI
Thank you so much for doing such a great job on the sunglasses. They look great and the prescription is perfect, spot on. I definitely will send all my lens work to you and recommend you to my friends. Aloha, Paul

Leslie S. of Quebec City, Canada
Great job on the glasses!! I am completely satisfied with all aspects. I have already tried to steer some business your way by recommending you to a lot of my friends and colleagues. Don't hesitate to use any of my positive comments on your web site as testimonials to your fine workmanship. Unfortunately at this point, after four pairs of glasses, I am running out of new uses for a fifth pair. Maybe polarized driving glasses will be next. Best Regards, Leslie

Cathy T. of England, AR
I received both my husbands and my glasses. They are PERFECT! Thank you, Cathy

Robin G. of London, UK
Got my glasses and they look fantastic!!! Thank you so much for your help, especially in getting them to me so fast... I so much appreciate it!! With kindest regards and thanks, Robin

Betty H. of Maryland Heights, MO
I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on my glasses! I am VERY pleased with the lenses. The way you blended the progressed lens is really comfortable it's really great not to have to keep moving up and down to read anything, including my computer! That was a really great surprise! My other glasses were definitely not like that. Thank you again, and know that I will tell people what a GREAT job you did!

Margaret K. of Appleton, WI
I received my glasses and they're perfect! Thanks so much! What an easy process. Margaret

James F. of El Paso, TX
My new glasses arrived today. They are perfect. Thank you. James

Blue M. of Santa Monica, CA
I received the glasses back today. I'm totally impressed with your speed and professionalism. This is the kind of service that builds great companies. Nice work. Blue

Bob P. of Crossville, TN
Received my glasses today, this is my first Varilux Lenses, Great Job!! I'll be sending you another pair to do.

Vicki F. of Marietta, GA
Got the glasses and they look great! Thanks.

Quan N. of Tucker, GA
Just want to let you know I got the order today. It looks like you did a very good job on my glasses. I can see very well Thanks. (Thumbs up!) I am looking forward to doing business with you again in the near future.

Tracy D. of Scurry, TX
You are fantastic. I'm sending out an email to everybody I know who wear glasses to use you. THANKS!

Tracy D. of Scurry, TX
It is really hard in this day & age to find someone who provides quality work & service at a decent price & will stand behind it no matter what. So guess what.... I'm referring Eyeglass Lens Direct to everybody in my address book because you don't find many businesses that will do stuff like this anymore.

Bill C. of Longs, SC
I just received my new lenses and I just wanted to say thanks for being so professional. I know where my wife and friends will purchase their lenses in the future. Bill

Bill H. of Neenah, WI
I got the glasses over the weekend and they look great! Appreciate the assistance.

Cathy T. of England, AR
My glasses came out perfect. My husband’s glasses are perfect. We will be sending in a couple more. Thank you, Cathy

Eric M. of Lansdowne, PA
I just wanted to say thanks a lot for being so helpful and accommodating. I'm very pleased with my new lenses.

Dave B. of Forney, TX
I got my glasses today thank you very much. You did an awesome job and it was definitely worth it. I will be sure to refer you to any of my friends and family.

Tony L. of Burlingame, CA
Got my glasses and they look great! I appreciate the great service thanks. I will definitely use your company again in the future for new glasses and for my family.

Justin P. of Pittsburgh, PA
Fantastic work!!

Lance L. of Phoenix, AZ
I received my glasses and everything is perfect. Thank you for doing a great job. I plan on sending you some more frames in the future. Take care. Lance

Jeff S. of San Francisco, CA
I just got the glasses and they're great. Thank You

Scott W. of Grass Valley, CA
Thank you for your service, and your approach throughout. I really appreciate your adjusting my frames for me. I received my glasses yesterday, and want to thank you again for fixing them so quickly and professionally. Sincerely, with best regards, Scott

James F. of El Paso, TX
The Executive Trifocals arrived. Thanks a bunch. I'm very pleased with them.

Leslie S. of Quebec City, Canada
The glasses came today and I am very impressed. The distance adaptation was zero. I put them on and it was like I had always worn them.

Kathy A. of Tallahassee, FL
I got my glasses today. The lenses are excellent. Thanks so much. I'll recommend you to my friends.

Jill L. of Lagrange, IN
The glasses arrived at our local post office this morning and the glasses are perfect! Thank you for all your help!! I would be glad to give your company a perfect review when ever needed. Thanks Again

Alex P. of Forest Hills, NY
Received both pair of glasses and they look great, thank you!

Manish P. of New York, NY
Nice job on the glasses. They are great!

Rich M. of Morristown, NJ
Received the glasses yesterday and am pleased to say they are great! Good workmanship and will do business again.

Debra S. of Saint Paul, MN
I have worn glasses for close to 40 years. Never did I expect to get the quality of lenses that were put in my frames. They are the best I have ever had and I have gone to some of the best eyewear places in the city. I am very pleased and you can expect my business from here on out. Thank you, Debra

Jill L. of Lagrange, IN
Oh my gosh!!! I just received my new glasses with the Varilux Physio 360 lenses. What a difference from other progressive lenses. It is so clear and not as much need for head movement! I am so pleased!

Jonathan M. of Ogden, UT
My new glasses came back great! Thank You

Ron M. of Las Vegas, NV
I received my new glasses from you on Thursday. I just wanted to say thanks for all your help, assistance and advice through the process!

Gerald L. of Lake Park, FL
Just a note to thank you for the great job you did on my lens. Thank You, I'll do more business in the future.

Biff V. of Stafford, TX
I wanted to let you know how much I like the glasses. They work great.

Roland B. of Issaquah, WA
My prescription Oakleys arrived today and I am impressed! They look great, I took to the new prescription without any nausea or walking into walls, and for the 20 minutes or so I have been wearing them, all aspects of vision seem great. I was mildly afraid this small vertical would be a problem, but so far all seems just fine. I will be ordering a set of DriveWear sunglasses from you in the near future. Thanks for all your responses to my questions before and during this process, and for your efforts at making and installing the lenses.

Meryn T. of Flintshire, United Kingdom
Received the glasses and they are great thank you.

Kihong P. of West Lafayette, IN
I got the glasses. Thank you for doing an excellent job on the lenses.

Dean R. of South Euclid, OH
I received my glasses today, THANK YOU!!!! Your service is top notch. There will be more orders not only from me but everyone I know who wears glasses.

Matthew S. of Portland, OR
I got the glasses yesterday. Everything is fine and I can see very well with them. Thanks for all your help. I'll be in touch to get lenses for the other frame. I'll refer others to you in the meantime. You provide a very reasonable alternative to the confusing mix and mess of eyeglass service options available. I spent a lot of time recently researching these wacky businesses, and I'm glad I found you in the process!

Martin N. of Oakland, CA
Just got the glasses with the lenses you replaced. Perfect. You should be proud of yourself for offering a quality product at a fair price, shipped promptly.

Brian W. of Eugene, OR
Thanks so much for the excellent work you did on my lenses.

Robert B. of Hudson, WI
Received my glasses yesterday and couldn't have been happier -- the fit, the look, the quality of the job was all incredible and I can't believe how fast you guys turned them around.

Jeff D. of Redmond, WA
I received my new glasses one week ago today. They're great! Very clear, Very bright. Thanks for your help with this.

Leslie S. of Quebec City, Canada
I really appreciate the level of service that you provide and I will try to recommend you to as many people as possible. Perfectionists are hard to come by these days and I, for one, am part of that disappearing breed. Thanks

Ronald D. of Fort Myers, FL
Just wanted to let you know that I just received my glasses with the new lenses and, I must say that I am very pleased. The lenses fit perfectly and the Crizal Alize with Clearguard is really nice. The certificate of authenticity that you sent for the Crizal Alize with Clearguard coating is very nice as well.

I think I told you when we spoke that before I discovered your site, I used another very well known websites eyeglass service to re-lens an Airlock rimless frame with my distance lens. I had Crizal Alize put into that frame. Unfortunately, I had to send them back twice for faulty work and they also never sent me any certificate of authenticity.

I like doing business with people who do really good work and deliver exactly what they promise. You did that with my order and the price was great as well. I think you will become a very busy company if people can find your website as I did. I will recommend your service whenever I get the opportunity.

Daniel P. of Hyde Park, NY
More orders for me and my wife to come in future. I want to thank you for your high-quality work, and professional advice and guidance. You are the best optician I have come across.

Roscoe F. of Washington, DC
Thanks! I got the glasses today... great job... More will be coming in the near future...

Mark C. of Marysville, OH
Picked up my specs at the Post Office this morning... I am very pleased with not only the quality of the lenses, but the speed with which my order was processed and shipped. I will most definitely recommend you to my friends as well as use your services again myself.

Leslie S. of Quebec City, Canada
I would like to thank you for your high level of professionalism and would also like to say that I have spoken favorably about you to several people, especially regarding the personal attention that you give to your clients.

Jeff D. of Redmond, WA
The package arrived this morning and the new glasses look and feel great. I'm also VERY happy!

Nancy R. of Paris, IL
I received my eyeglasses this morning. Love, Love, Love them. Thanks

Patrick K. of Huntington, NY
I just wanted to thank you for your help with my glasses. I love everything about them and am very glad I had you fill the Rx for me. Also I am very happy with the weight and quality of the lens you made. I value your opinion and look forward to working with you.

Peter J. of Newton, MA
Just got my glasses back - FANTASTIC JOB!!! They are perfect!! I will order another one next week and tell everyone about it. Thanks again!!!

Daniel P. of Hyde Park, NY
Glasses with Progressive lenses arrived. Took me about 30 seconds to get used to them! These are great! I'm sending you another frame, about the same eye size, I want the same progressive lenses, plus AR coating. Thanks for the excellent work, and happy holiday!

Fred E. of Eugene, OR
Glasses arrived yesterday. Wow, I can see so much better. Love the mini bi-focals. We’ll recommend you to others. Thanks much!

Arthur B. of Littleton, MA
I received my Panoptx sunglasses and Nike eyeglasses the other day. Thanks. They look great.

David R. of Massapequa, NY
Great job! I'll be sending my wife's in a few weeks to have the same thing done. Thanks

Daniel P. of Hyde Park, NY
I got 'em! They're great, especially the reading glasses! I'm sending you two more of my little frames to make up as readers. I’m really enjoying these. Thanks for the excellent work.

Robert D. of New York, NY
Thanks for everything the sun finally came out today and the lenses great!

Fred E. of Eugene, OR
I Received Lynndi's glasses. She's thrilled. I appreciate the status reports. Thanks very much!

Steve M. of Seymour, IN
Eyeglass Lens Direct, the pair of glasses you made for me came out great.

Mike M. of Marlboro, NY
The small Blue frames are wonderful! They met and exceeded my expectations. I am particularly impressed with the Crizal Alize with Clear Guard, it really works as advertised! Thank you for a great job you’re a master in your field. Keep up the great work.

Kim P. of Douglasville, GA
Thanks for the great service.

Daniel P. of Hyde Park, NY
The glasses arrived, and are completely satisfactory. Thanks! I appreciate your careful work.

Don M. of Vidor, TX
I was surfing the web and I saw the new site... very nice! I’m sure I will be getting more lenses in the future and anyone I know I will refer Eyeglass Lens Direct.... you have great prices and award winning service and that’s priceless in my book.

Charley C. of Corinth, TX
Got the glasses today. They are awesome! The clarity and lack of distortion, especially around the edges, is amazing. These are the best glasses I've had in a long time. The 8x35 will work great they're very much worth it. Especially compared to the quality/value for what I've purchased at Lens Crafters. I'll be doing more business with you soon!

Betty I. of Goodyear, AZ
I got my second pair of glasses, great lenses and mounting.

Roscoe F. of Washington, DC
I got them... Thanks you did a great job...

Daniel W. of Burbank, CA
I just got the glasses and they fit and look great. Thanks

Daniel P. of Hyde Park, NY
Got the second order! And they are right on! Thanks for the excellent work. I'll be in touch with another order before long.

Betty I. of Goodyear, AZ
I am so happy with my new lenses you guys made for me, you did a great job.

Betty P. of Waterbury CT
I have been telling lots of people about your site – even though I haven't seen your work yet, I just know from talking to you, they will be great.

Annie S. of Pasadena, CA
I recieved my new specs today and as always, you did a great job! Thanks!

Daniel P. of Hyde Park, NY
First two jobs arrived, and highly satisfactory! Thanks for the excellent work. Expect further orders.

Ann-Marie P. of Sonora, CA
Got the glasses today as expected. Everything is great. Thanks so much! I'll definitely pass your name along.

Roscoe F. of Washington, DC
I got the glasses. Great job! I have two more coming in the next month.

Martin N. of Oakland, CA
Just got the glasses with the lenses you replaced. Perfect. You should be proud of yourself for offering a quality product at a fair price, shipped promptly.

David M. of Louisville, OH
Thank you so much. I appreciate your effort. BTW, the lenses were by far the best looking I've ever had in a pair of glasses.

Don M. of Vidor, TX
Quality Merchandise, Quality Prices, Quality Service

Annie M. of Pasadena, CA
Incredible seller with lots of integrity BUY HERE! A++++ Thanks Eyeglass Lens Direct Wonderful communication by this seller A+ I can recommend on this alone! Thanks!

Ashley R. of Land O Lakes, FL
GREAT PRICE! Will definitely buy next lenses from you! A+! Fast Shipping! Great job with lenses, very nicely packed as well!

Tracey P. of Pasadena, CA
Great glasses...even better price and wonderful customer service. Thank you!!! My second order and I'm never paying full price for lenses again! Thank you.

William A. of San Jose, CA
Excellent quality! Very professional! Extremely responsive! Highly recommend!

Joan S. of Allen, TX
GREAT and WONDERFUL merchant... EXCELLENT Communication… HIGHLY recommend!

U.L.V. of Woodside, NY
Very trustworthy and has impeccable workmanship! Highly recommended! Goes out of the way to satisfy clients, Wonderful merchant! Model merchant goes above and beyond to satisfy his customers. Recommended A+++!

Daya K. of Coolidge, AZ
Carefully done glasses - just put them on and I was sure they were made for me. Couldn't ask for better, Stretched to meet my needs - good communication.

Steven P. of Woodmere, NY
Great customer service and value 100% recommended.

Suzanne B. of Clarksville, OH
Terrific! Repeat Customer, Excellent customer service and fast service. A+++++++ Very professional and extremely helpful recommended service

John F. of Birmingham, AL
Great communication, VERY helpful, thanks!! Great Merchant!

Sabrina L. of Brooklyn, NY
Absolutely excellent customer service..... Highly recommended!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!

Danuta B. of Opole Poland
Excellent service, super fast shipping and great communication. Thanks so much!!

Bill S. of Apopka, FL
Fast Shipping! Great Job! A++

Ramon E. of Lakewood, CA
Excellent communication, very prompt and smooth process A+A+A+A+A+A+A+

Bruce L. of Luray, KS
Model Merchant! Thanks!

George T. of Conroe, TX
Nice job. Very fast

Yusuke I. of Eugene, OR
Fast shipping. Great work. Great price. Thank you.

Huang L. of Tarpon Springs, FL
Great Service!

Kelly M. of Ambler, PA
There aren’t many transactions that excite me, but this one did!! WONDERFUL!!!!

Adonis R. of Canyon Country, CA
Got exactly what I paid for. Would definitely do business with again! Thanks!!!

Dave A. of Nanaimo, British Columbia
Lenses were correctly made and shipped promptly.

James B. of Findlay, OH
Absolutely delighted A++++++++++++

Christopher B. of Morton, Bourne, Lincs United Kingdom
Good merchant.... Highly Recommended…

Fabrizio C. of Milano, Italy
Well done job, fast shipping, highly recommended to everybody. A+A+A+A+A+

Leon P. of Canton Center, CT
Very Pleased In fact, I plan to get some more.

Melinda P. of Eaton, OH
Excellent quality, answers all questions fast. Drilled lenses done perfectly!!

Robert P. of Pembroke Pines, FL
True Professional. Excellent Seller. Fast Shipping. Very Trustworthy. A+++ Thank you so much! I hope we can do business again. Cheers!!!

Debbie M. of Salina, KS

Kathy M. of Plainville, CT
Absolutely PERFECT! Buy here if you need new glasses. First Class Service AAA

Susan A. of Wilmington, CA
Thank you, excellent work in timely manner. Good communication A+++++++

Jason Z. of Edinboro, PA
Fast, courteous e-mails, quick shipping and a great job done on unusual request.

Peter R. of Saratoga, CA
Speedy delivery & great service on my custom lens request -- good product.

Alison A. of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Good Seller. Lenses well done. Goodluck! We'll do business again.

Bill S. of Apopka, FL
Great Fast Service! Fast Shipping! Great Communication! A+++ highly recommend!

Mike M. of Marlboro, NY
Absolute Professionalism, Impeccable Workmanship and undoubtedly the BEST! Keep up the great work, I see you have made an improvement to your company. That's a sure sign of progress and I did mention to you that you will succeed and all that effort would pay off. Don't stop now! As always, my best to you and your family as well as to your loved ones.

Betty A. of Buffalo, NY
Professional and prompt. Great product. Will buy again!

Carlos L. of Long Beach, CA
Thank you .........Way to easy ......Thanks again

Randy Q. of Springfield, TN
Fast reliable service. AAAAAAA+++++++ Seller follows-up on product. Many Thanks

Jimmy W. of Rogersville, AL
Excellent product. Exceptional service. Thanks!!

Toby L. of San Diego, CA
Great product and price - Highly recommended - Very professional & helpful A+++

David H. of Union City, CA
Repeat customer. This is an outstanding way to get glasses!!! AAAAAAA++++ Quality conscious seller! Outstanding price! Best deal on the WEB!!! Excellent quality. Fast service. Good communication. HIGHEST RECOMENDATION!!

Thank You for all the Great Comments - Eyeglass Lens Direct